About This Site

Welcome to Investigative Health.

This site is dedicated to examining the established doctrines of all things health, nutrition, fitness, disease & medicine, and picking apart the abounding messages of the health and food industries and government health organizations.

Leaders of the food and health industries would love to tell you what is or isn't good for you, and that drugs are the best solution to medical ailments. They might convince you to take a drug for something when there isn't anything even amiss! Furthermore, it is impossible today to separate out the interests of private and public sector businesses from the advice and recommendations provided by major health and medical organizations.

We are at a crux point in this country- our collective health has reached an all-time low and shows little signs of improving. We continue to move in the same direction, yet we expect different results to emerge. Walk into your local grocery store and take a look around, and tell me if you think the epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer is likely going anywhere anytime soon. Now more so than ever it is important to question everything about the world around us; I urge you- research, read, learn, and ultimately decide for yourself what is or isn't good for you.

Let's call it healthy skepticism.